Jason Brown


Say hello. Let's work together.

Hello, my name is Jason and I'm currently located in Warrington, UK.

I like to use my brain to solves problems and provide answers with type, images, colours, shapes and all that other cool shit.

I like to create... I'm pretty certain it's why I'm here.

I've been teaching myself graphic design for the past 2 years. I've surrounded myself with books and completed countless online design classes. Prior to discovering design I was involved in film and media, graduating in 2012 with BA Hons. I did a bunch of filming and editing but I've somehow ended up on the graphic design path. I'd love to turn my passion for design into a career, so if you're looking for a dedicated, hard-working individual, please get in touch!



Find me on social media, use the form below, or hit me up via email at jbrown832@gmail.com




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